.NET help anywhere

The title is just for sake of short, actually it should be anywhere, anytime, anyone, and any language.

.NET help anywhere make developer/QA/end user write context help for controls in a dialog in a , not easier, but easiest and most convenient way. The main features and restrictions are as follows:

Click Here to download.

It's simple, and easy to implement, but IMHO very useful and interesting.

How to use?

Step 1. Forget it.

Just do your own business such as designing, coding, etc.

Step 2. Code it.

When everything done, Add reference, namespace, and two lines of code to the end of your Form's construct, one by one. Then build your application.

Step 3. Use it.

Click on the "?" button, then click the UI control(not the CTRL key in keyboard) and press the at the same time, you'll see the dialog to write down the help. And, if you not press the Shift key, everything works in the old way, you'll see the context help popups if exists.

That's all!